I've always been in love with being outdoors, and I would rather be outside in nature on any given day, than be stuck inside. My fascination with the American West started when I was majoring in geology in college, and I was introduced to the mountains. I picked up photography a few years later, and traveled west every chance I could get to go shoot the gorgeous landscapes that I saw. I worked in the field of veterinary medicine, so it was easy for me to study and learn how to read wildlife and capture their moments. Traveling and experiencing new places is my passion. I was raised in the midwest, but knew my calling was in the mountains.  I recently made the move out to Colorado, and now travel throughout the American west full time to focus on photography, and help others achieve their goals with photography.  Every image I capture, my goal is to trigger a feeling, and an awareness of nature in this wonderful world we live in.  

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